DataPolarna has since 1998 worked with internal logistics systems for sawmills. In our system SawInfo, collecting of moisture content data is an important function. For about five years we have searched for a moisture meter that meets our requirements regarding communication with SawInfo without finding anything that matched our requirements. During the journey, we finally gained the knowledge and contacts that enabled us to produce our own hardware. The project started in June 2013 and we launched our prototype in the beginning of 2014. The finished product can now be ordered..


MoistPal moisture meter is a new product to facilitate sampling of moisture ratios in sawn wood products. The objective in the development of MoistPal has been to improve and simplify the operation and function of a variety of points. The system is also a good platform for further development of measurement methodologies, management, and interaction with other systems.



© 2023 Datapolarna in Skellefteå AB

© 2023 Datapolarna in Skellefteå AB